Anna Stenstam discusses brand consistency with Brandox

Becoming more efficient with better file management: CR Competence's story

Published in News on May 25, 2020.

Anna Stenstam is the CEO of CR Competence (CR). CR is a Swedish company tackling scientific issues within FMCG companies. Their team of experts works with FMCG clients to identify and correct issues in product development.

CR has been using Brandox’s brand portal since 2018.

Issues with brand consistency demanded a new approach

Initially, CR saved all their brand files on an internal server. Unfortunately, this led to issues with brand consistency.

“One of the issues was that it wasn’t intuitive to all where they were on the server,” Anna says. This led to team members creating individual, non-compliant copies of brand files. As a result, it became difficult to keep track of the original files and copies, “there were different versions cut and exported into different formats by different people for different reasons in different places.”

Eventually, this led to confusion and stress. It was necessary to find a new approach to managing their branded files.

Finding the right fit for the team

Brandox’s roots played a role in CR’s decision to switch to a dedicated brand portal. “Brandox originates from Odd One Out and they have shown several times that they are the right fit for us,” says Stenstam.

Above all, “we liked the idea of a web-based solution with a specific admin,” she adds. The team is now able to quickly update brand files across the organization, and provide access to those who need them.

Thoughts on the value Brandox provided

The CR team experienced a more efficient and streamlined approach to brand material after switching to Brandox.

“I don’t know what other people use but if they were working like we did before I would tell them to stop immediately, there is a much smarter solution – Brandox.”