Image of Easy brand asset management in Brussels

Easy brand asset management in Brussels

Brandox is now providing easy brand asset management solutions in one of Europe’s major cities. Help us say Bienvenue and Welkom to Brussels!

About Brussels, the capital of the European Union

Brussels is the de facto capital of the European Union, hosting the European Commission and the Council of the European Union. The city is home to just over 1 million people but it definitely packs a punch. It also has some really cool buildings like the Atomium (pictured in the image above) built for the 1958 World’s Fair.

Brussels proves that you don’t need to be huge to deliver something of value to the rest of the world…which coincidentally brings us right back to [why we created Brandox]().

What does Brussels get from using Brandox?

We believe less is more. Not all marketing teams need high-priced digital asset management tools with tons of fancy features. We know first hand how confusing those can be. The end result is blowing the budget on technology no one ever uses, leading to non-compliant brand material popping up all over the place.

So here’s what that marketing team in Brussels is enjoying today—perfect seamless sharing and collaboration without the inflated technology or inflated price tag.

Get what you need, right when you need it. Enjoy the best features brand asset management has to offer. Sign up for a free 14-day trial now and see what all the fuss is about. Get your city on the Brandox map.

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