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Get to know the new Brandox

We are really excited to launch the latest version of Brandox, which will give all of our users a better brand asset management experience.

When we first launched Brandox, we set out on a mission to make brand management easier for marketing teams everywhere. A big part of this involves listening to feedback from our users and incorporating that into our product. Feedback from users around the world contributed to Brandox 2.0 which launches today!

Here’s what we’ve changed.

Widescreen format for better overview

One of the main foundations for Brandox is to give marketers and communicators a quick and visual overview of all their brand assets. To facilitate this, the latest version of Brandox is going widescreen. You’ll see much more of your content on one page with less scrolling and less crowding.

Shift to the left

This one was a top request from both brands and agencies, and we listened. You can now find the main menu and subsections on the left, giving you a better understanding of what you’ve stored with us with just one look. Again, less scrolling plus better visual organization.

What these changes mean for Brandox users

You’ll notice the theme here is “better overview”. For you to have more control over your brand assets, you need to have a better idea of what you have. All of our changes are designed to provide a better, easier to follow user interface and a clearer understanding of your branded files.

We’re always listening

Brandox is 100% committed to our mission to simplify brand asset management. We can’t complete that mission without continuous feedback from you.

Contact our support team at [[email protected]]().

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