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Welcome Malbas!

The basketball team from our hometown, Malmö, has decided to use Brandox.

We are very happy to have them onboard! Malbas is Malmös oldest basketball team and was founded back in 1975. Today it is one of the unifying forces in Malmö and the club brings basket balling kids together from all areas in town.

We are going to focus a bit on how our end users are using the platform and how it makes their “graphic life” easier. We interviewed Katarina Olsson who is the general manager of Malbas to find out a little bit more.


What made you choose Brandox as the platform for all the graphic elements of Malbas?

We thought it was a smart solution that gave us value for money. We are small organization with lots of people involved. The workflow and sharing abilities in Brandox work really great for us.

How many users do you currently have working on the platform?

At the moment we are approximately 5 people with access to the graphic elements. We will probably expand that in the next couple of weeks. The nice thing about Brandox is that we have unlimited amounts of users.

Can you give an example on how Brandox simplifies your workdays?

Oh, where do I start? Since Brandox handles everything from our Powerpoint presentations to our CSR packages for our sponsors to the logos that gets printed on the team clothes it simplifies our workdays a lot. We can manage and distribute all the material from within Brandox, and that saves us a lot of time!


And since Christmas is approaching do not miss out to have a look at Malbas Sponsor website where you can support the work that they do for the kids in Malmö.

Malbas uses Brandox – Standard package with 10 gb storage and unlimited amounts of users.

This package includes a custom URL and landing page to make their brand look good from every aspect.

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