The Brandox Changelog

Follow the latest updates to the Brandox app from this page.


September 17 2020

  1. Now we display a better message if a brand page has no sections.
    Previously we would show a error-like message, now we display a message saying that the brand page has no page sections. This was confusing.
    (This also goes for brand pages where a user does not have access to any sections.)

September 11 2020

  1. Fixed a bug where we would show Login/Sign up even if you were already logged in.
    You should also now get to the last visited Brand page when you click the Go go brand page button when logged in.

September 7 2020

  1. You can now move brand pages between subscriptions.
    To move a brand page, go to admin -> subscriptions -> the subscription you want to move the brand page from -> Settings. Click the Move-button next to the brand page you want to move, select the subscription you want to move the brand page to. Done!
  2. We now display a CANCELLED label next to cancelled subscriptions in the subscriptions overview.

August 26 2020

  1. Now we display preview images for uploaded video files (in supported formats).
    We only showed a black background previously, now we display the first frame of the video.

August 25 2020

  1. Fixed bug where the information dialog for videos sometimes did not display.
  2. Fixed a bug where labels could not be used with “special” characters such as /?& or 😀 😃 😄 😁.
    Labels should work now no matter what characters you put in them!

August 17 2020

  1. Fixed bug where some public brand pages could not be set as private again.
    All public brand pages should now be able to go private without issues.

August 14 2020

  1. Fixed bug where some filetypes would not be downloadable.
    This was affecting .doc and .mp3 files.

August 13 2020

  1. Improved the UX for creating new brand pages.
    Earlier it was a bit confusing how you created new brand pages, now it is way easier.
    Here is a support-page about adding new brand pages.
  2. Started changelog
    From now on our users can follow updates, bug fixes and new features added to the Brandox app from this page.