The Brandox Changelog

Follow the latest updates to the Brandox app from this page.

August 2022

  1. Updated UI
    The Brandox app got a complete face lift.
  2. Content blocks
    The new custom content blocks are great for everything from short explanations to complete graphic guidelines.
  3. Brand Page Analytics filters
    Filter brand page analtyics data by user or date interval.

April 2022

  1. Brand page analytics
    Pro and Enterprise accounts can access brand page analytics.

January 2022

  1. User groups
    Pro and enterprise accounts can now use user groups for easier user management.

October 22 2021

  1. Updated multi-asset download for public pages
    Non-users visiting public pages in Pro and Enterprise subscriptions can now use the multi-asset download feature to download multiple files at once.
  2. Fixed bug affecting OG image displays for external links
    Updated all brand pages to allow OG images to display properly for external links added to Brandox
  3. Fixed bug affecting batch downloads from sections/subsections with special characters
    Resolved bug which didn’t allow downloads from sections/subsections with special characters in the section name. This bug mainly affected PC users.

August 31 2021

  1. Updated video previews to show thumbnails
    Rebuilt video converter now displays thumbnails captured from the uploaded video. This means the browser only loads the thumbnail of each video instead of the entire video in preview mode. The video will still play when the play button is clicked. This update resolves browser issues reported by users such as sections crashing when uploading assets.

July 27 2021

  1. Pending label added to users who have not verified their Brandox account in the Manage Users section
    Page admins can now see when other users have not accepted their Brandox invitation

July 9 2021

  1. Crop tool feature update
    Users can now crop image and vector files within Brandox before downloading the edited image/vector file.

June 22 2021

  1. Updated all brand pages so URLs are no longer case sensitive
    Users and visitors to brand pages will no longer receive an error if the URL is not in the correct case

June 21 2021

  1. Fixed bug affecting TTF/TTC file previews
    A recent security update affected support for TTF and TTC file previews. This has now been fixed and updated across all brand pages

June 14 2021

  1. Fixed bug affecting SVG file previews

June 02 2021

  1. Added referral program to admin area
    Users on a Brandox subscription can now invite new users to Brandox and receive free extra storage for anyone who successfully subscribes using their unique link.
  2. Removed Notifications area in drop-down menu in top-right corner of brand page
    This area has been removed until we can make some critical changes to make it more useful for users, especially page admins.
  3. Fixed bug that added public brand pages to Overview page
    Users reported an issue where any public brand page they visited was appearing in their brand page Overview page when they were logged into Brandox. This has now been fixed.
  4. Fixed user reported issue with SVG logos in brand pages
    SVG logos were not displaying correctly. This has now been fixed.
  5. Address no longer a mandatory field in Page Settings
  6. Updated ‘failed payment’ warning pop-ups
    Users can now navigate past the pop-ups that appear when a payment for a subscription has failed.
  7. Brandox sitemap no longer includes public brand pages

February 23 2021

  1. Fixed download bug affecting some Chrome users
    Some users on Google Chrome were unable to download converted files. The bug has now been fixed.

February 16 2021

  1. Added preview support for PPT/PPTX and DOC/DOCX files
    Word Doc and PowerPoint files will now display previews
  2. Added ability to download multiple selected files at once
    Pro and Enterprise accounts can now download multiple selected files using the multi-asset editing menu
  3. Updated download app
    Launched an updated and more robust download function to reduce download errors

December 11 2020

  1. Added support for Arabic text
    Brandox now supports Arabic text in the URL and section areas. Arabic sections are now clickable and shareable.
  2. Rights and licensing section
    New section for users to add relevant information for rights & licensing of images and videos
  3. Full download link displayed
    The full download link is now displayed in the share tool to make it easier to copy and paste if needed.

December 4 2020

  1. Added support for font previews
    Uploaded font files now generate a preview in Brandox. Users can also test their own text in focused asset preview mode.
  2. Updated formatting for section descriptions
    Users can now have paragraphs and clickable links in the section descriptions.
  3. Fixed bug affecting users logged in with multiple accounts
    Previously users who logged in with two accounts at the same time did not get a notification that they were logged out from the first account. This meant that changes made in that window were not reflected in the backend of Brandox. We have now updated this to show when a user has been fully logged out from the system.

November 27 2020

  1. Added links as an asset
    Users can now add external links to their brand pages and Brandox will display them as an asset.

November 24 2020

  1. Fixed file download bug
    After unique URLs were added as a feature, the system was automatically adding the URL to the file name of some files during download. The bug has now been fixed and file names are no longer altered during download.

November 16 2020

  1. Preview update to show information and metadata
    Previously clicking an asset showed a preview of the asset alone. Now the view includes information and metadata tied to that asset.
  2. Added arrows for better navigation
    Before users had to click out of a preview to open another one. Now they can click the arrows on-screen or use keyboard arrows to navigate.
  3. Added support for previews of .webp and .heic files
  4. Added unique URLs for each asset uploaded and hosted directly on Brandox
  5. Upgraded image converter to better support previews

November 13 2020

  1. Fixed bug in advanced access levels feature
    Bug would not allow admins to use the feature and would instead display an error message

October 28 2020

  1. Updated multi-asset tool menu to add Move functionality.
    Brand assets can now be moved between sections and brand pages
  2. Added chat support in Brandox tool in addition to the website

October 27 2020

  1. Fix for issue with downloading SVG files as JPGs

October 21 2020

  1. Updated view for subscription overview
    Previously all subscriptions, including cancelled subscriptions were displayed together. Cancelled and non-active subscriptions are now displayed in their own area.

October 16 2020

  1. Fixed a bug for resetting passwords in User Settings area
    Previously some users encountered an error when attempting to update their passwords which prevented the changes from being reflected in their account.

September 23 2020

  1. Now you can click the close icon in the search field to close the search if the input is empty.
  2. The show more assets-button now only loads 32 more items at a time.
    There was an issue where if you had thousands of assets in a page section the browser would have a hard time rendering them all at the same time.
  3. Added an Add brand asset option to the page section dropdowns.
    This makes it way easier to add brand assets to sections with lots of assets where the other Add-button will be at the end.
  4. Video durations are now displayed for uploaded video assets.
  5. Disabled the permission levels admin for public brand pages, as they will show everything to everyone.
    This was very confusing as it would appear you could actually restrict access to parts of your public brand page when in fact you could not.

September 17 2020

  1. Now we display a better message if a brand page has no sections.
    Previously we would show a error-like message, now we display a message saying that the brand page has no page sections. This was confusing.
    (This also goes for brand pages where a user does not have access to any sections.)

September 11 2020

  1. Fixed a bug where we would show Login/Sign up even if you were already logged in.
    You should also now get to the last visited Brand page when you click the Go go brand page button when logged in.

September 7 2020

  1. You can now move brand pages between subscriptions.
    To move a brand page, go to admin -> subscriptions -> the subscription you want to move the brand page from -> Settings. Click the Move-button next to the brand page you want to move, select the subscription you want to move the brand page to. Done!
  2. We now display a CANCELLED label next to cancelled subscriptions in the subscriptions overview.

August 26 2020

  1. Now we display preview images for uploaded video files (in supported formats).
    We only showed a black background previously, now we display the first frame of the video.

August 25 2020

  1. Fixed bug where the information dialog for videos sometimes did not display.
  2. Fixed a bug where labels could not be used with “special” characters such as /?& or 😀 😃 😄 😁.
    Labels should work now no matter what characters you put in them!

August 17 2020

  1. Fixed bug where some public brand pages could not be set as private again.
    All public brand pages should now be able to go private without issues.

August 14 2020

  1. Fixed bug where some filetypes would not be downloadable.
    This was affecting .doc and .mp3 files.

August 13 2020

  1. Improved the UX for creating new brand pages.
    Earlier it was a bit confusing how you created new brand pages, now it is way easier.
    Here is a support-page about adding new brand pages.
  2. Started changelog
    From now on our users can follow updates, bug fixes and new features added to the Brandox app from this page.