Better brand compliance starts in Sweden

Brandox is Made In Sweden

Published in Facts, News on November 26, 2018.

A Brand Asset Management tool from Malmö, Sweden. That’s what we’re all about!

With our background in marketing, we, the team behind Brandox decided that we had to do something about all the lost files and versionized logos out there. We grew tired of waiting for files to be sent, synched or located.

We figured that we needed to create a platform that gives all kinds of brands a better place to be hosted. We wanted to create a platform that enbled easy upload, easy sharing with an unlimited amount of users for our customers.

Some of the feedback that we’ve gotten from the start is that Brandox provides a simple solution to everyday graphic headaches.

Early on we decided to keep it simple because we encountered what non-simple-tools do to the daily user. They do not use it.

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