Image of Converting and Resizing Brand Files with Brandox

Converting and Resizing Brand Files with Brandox

Since launching Brandox 2.0 earlier this year, we received more valuable feedback from our users. Today we are announcing that feedback has developed into a brand new feature for all Brandox users to enjoy.

What’s the newest Brandox feature?

The #1 requested feature was the ability to convert high-resolution image files to low resolution formats like PNG and JPG. At the same time, we received quite a few requests to allow image resizing within the portal.

We decided to incorporate both of these requests into the download feature. That means that you can now resize and convert images for immediate download.

Image of download feature on Brandox

How do I resize files within Brandox?

Click on the download icon on the top-right corner of any image file. That opens up a dialog box that lets you choose the size and format of your file.

Select from the pre-determined sizes or choose ‘Custom’ for a size that works best for you. The custom sizing will keep the original proportions of the image.

How do I convert images within Brandox?

The ‘Format’ drop-down menu in the same dialog box gives you the option between JPG and PNG images. We’ve helpfully noted which of these formats is best suited for photos and graphics. Just one more way to eliminate any guesswork in helping you maintain a consistent brand image.

This feature is available on all brand pages, both private and public. Try it out for yourself on our demo page.

What’s next for Brandox?

We are continuing to refine and develop features for all our users. Our goal is to develop the best features that help creative and marketing teams become more efficient.

That means we do not want to create the most features, but only the features you need to get the job done effectively. We hope the addition of these new features help you, our users, have better control over branded material.

Do you have a feature request or do you want to learn more about Brandox? Send us an email.

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