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Don't Cloud Sprawl - choose a better weigh

Organizations tend to end up with too many sources and files that get lost in space.

There’s even a name for it; Cloud Sprawl (or SaaS Sprawl if you like).

The sprawl most often occurs when the organization lacks overview, or control, over its cloud resources.

In some cases organizations creates and pays for new services and user accounts, but doesn’t actually use them. Sometimes different departments within the same organization end up using similar services from different providers to accomplish the same tasks. This can result in inconsistent data and as a result cause issues (and irritation …) between departments.

Good news for you all is that the Brandox brand asset managment tool let’s you keep it all in ONE place.

And No, we don’t charge per user so go ahead and add as many users as you like for the same fixed price.

Starting at only €9 / month (USD 9.99).

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