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How to start building an internal brand hub for your business

A brand hub is a central location for official brand guidelines and brand assets. It’s a digital home for your logotypes, brand colors, images, video and templates etc. Building a hub helps your team ensure brand consistency with digital and print marketing and communication efforts.

Why create an internal brand hub for your team?

The short answer is speed and efficiency.

The longer answer is that growing teams need a trusted source for branded material. Team members and partners can have access to the exact materials they need right when they need it. An internal brand hub creates a more efficient workflow that speeds up the production of marketing materials and helps teams get more done in less time.

Maintaining a brand hub doesn’t have to be difficult, but there are a few things to keep in mind when establishing one.

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1. Audit your brand assets to get a good overview

Get to know your brand assets! Take a moment to look through all your brand assets and figure out which files are available and in what format.

Logotypes, images and videos look their best when used in their original format, which means having control over the original files is a must. Your brand hub should allow relevant team members to download and use original files as well as other approved high quality versions.

2. Figure out who needs access and what kind of access they require

Who needs access to your brand files usually depends on the type and size of company. Smaller companies often need access for everyone. Larger companies prefer to keep access to restricted to have better control over brand compliance.

On top of this, create clear rules for who has the authority to make changes to the hub. In other words, who has permission to make edits. Figuring this out now makes it easier to establish clear workflows later.

3. Establish clear rules for using your assets

Set up guidelines for when each asset should be used and how. Should certain logotypes only be used on dark backgrounds? Should certain images only be used in specific print material?

Setting up brand guidelines helps you organize assets as you integrate them into your brand hub. Clear rules help your brand assets fall into place. Be sure to have these rules easily accessible within your brand hub too.

4. Have open and clear communication from the beginning

Your team needs to know that this hub exists, what it contains, and when to turn to it for guidance. From the moment you start laying the groundwork for it, communicate to your team that you’re creating a source of truth for the brand.

Communication from the start helps everyone gets used to the idea of a brand hub. By the time it’s ready to go, your whole team will know where to turn to for approved brand material.

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