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Good value for money

If you really want to, you can spend lots of money on solutions for your branded material. It can range from the super complex and expensive solution, to the licensed-charged-per-user-solution.

No matter what tool or platform you choose there’s always a way to mess things up. Nicely organized folders and structures becomes a warzone which no one dares to enter.

- What’s the latest version of the logo?
- Is this really our company profile?
- Since when do we use Comic Sans in pink in the letterhead?
- Is this the company presentation from last week?

In Brandox we created a smarter and leaner solution that minimizes the risk to make a mess. Not only is it really smart - it’s also fairly priced. And you don’t have to involve the IT-department since Brandox doesn’t supply any API connections whatsoever. You’ll be up and running in a matter of minutes.

So, before you decide to choose a costly solution, give Brandox a try.
You can pay monthly or yearly (and you can opt-out whenever your want).

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