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3 signs you need brand asset management

The list of things to keep track of expands at the same rate as your business. For a marketing team hard at work, managing brand assets ranks at the top of that list. Creating effective marketing and brand communication campaigns is often linked to brand asset management.

But how do you know Brand Asset Management software (BAM) is the right step for your brand? Let’s walk through 3 scenarios that indicate it’s time for a BAM solution.

Digital Asset Management vs Brand Asset Management

First let’s understand the difference between these two terms. Brand Asset Management (BAM) is a subsection within Digital Asset Management (DAM). DAM is an umbrella term that covers the management of all assets having to do with a company.

BAM refers specifically to digital assets associated to brand identity and brand communication. Examples of brand assets are logo, graphic profiles, web icons, brand videos etc.

Brand Asset Management is particularly important for marketing and graphic design teams who work together to produce materials that directly affect the overall image of the brand. Now that we have those terms sorted out, let’s jump into some key signs that your team is ready for a more structured approach to your brand assets.

1. Colleagues are always asking where your brand assets are

“Does anyone know where the original logo file is again?”

If any version of that question pops up often in your team, then it’s time for a BAM. It indicates your brand material is spread out in different locations and there is no one true source for these important files.

The solution: BAM solutions are built to solve the chaos that comes with disorganized filing systems. The provide that true source of information so everyone knows exactly where to look to find what they need.

2. Unapproved files are used internally or publicly

Here’s a brand marketing nightmare for you. Your company has just launched a a complete rebrand that cost a fortune but looks awesome. Suddenly the old logo starts popping up again. You ask around and it turns out one of your partners had no idea there was a new logo and kept using the version they had in their files.

That might sound far-fetched, but old or unapproved brand materials are used all the time by internal teams or external partners that don’t have access to the files they need. Without one reliable source for all updated brand information, you’re pretty much depending on everyone to just know to update their files. When you have multiple stakeholders, that’s a lot to ask even with communication procedures in place.

The solution: This is another situation where having your files in a central, secure location helps a lot. Avoid a scenario like this by updating brand materials instantly where you know everyone will have access. Again having a reliable true source

3. Sharing brand files involves multiple steps

You want to share the latest version of your web graphics with the agency rebuilding your website, but the file is too large for email. They don’t have access to your server so you have no choice but to download the file, and send it via a free file transfer website.

That process took time you could have used for something else. To make things worse, the file transfer site you used ruined the quality of the file so you need to find another way to send it.

The solution: Instead of downloading and sending everything yourself, your agency has been given access to the relevant files they need already stored in your DAM of choice. You don’t have to worry about getting the files to them yourself.

How Brand Asset Solutions help

Prior to launching Brandox, our team worked with clients to develop comprehensive marketing strategies. The examples we gave above are based on real situations we came across as we helped our clients.

Honestly, we could keep going with these examples, but you get the idea. Brand Asset Management tools give companies better control over their brand assets and how they are used. The right BAM solution helps to streamline marketing and branding initiatives regardless of complexity.

With that in mind, it’s never too late to start looking for the right solution for your company.

Are we the right choice for you? Our BAM system is designed for busy marketers and designers. Organize and share your brand assets securely and at low-cost with Brandox today. Check out what our users had to say about us.

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