Image of How DOFAB created a more efficient workflow for their digital assets

How DOFAB created a more efficient workflow for their digital assets

DOFAB AB is a family-run business that provides custom windows and doors for customers all over Sweden. By combining their deep knowledge of design, architecture and project management, they have created beautiful, energy-friendly designs of high quality to all their customers.

DOFAB uses Brandox to support their marketing and communications efforts within Sweden. We spoke with DOFAB’s founder and owner Karolin Jeppsson to understand how they use Brandox in their business.

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What do you think of your Brandox experience so far?

We were looking for a way to keep our files in one place. Specifically, we needed a solution that didn’t require a lot of time and extra work from us. We are a small and effective team, so we needed something that fit us. Brandox has been exactly the solution we need.

How do you and your team use Brandox?

Our logotypes are stored on our brand page, along with the guidelines on when and how to use them. We also use Brandox to host our product photos and the images of our customer projects. That makes it easy to find them whenever we need the pictures for marketing or social media posts. The tag function helps us search for the exact image we need right as we sign into our brand page.

The fact that we can store our customer photos so easily is especially useful since we use those images to show our potential clients the kind of work we can do. The beautiful architectural designs we have done before help to set us apart from everyone else in this market. That’s why we need to keep track of them and Brandox helps us do that easily.

Anything else you’d like to say about Brandox?

I think Brandox has made it easy for us to create structure with our digital assets. Everyone in our team knows exactly where to go to find the images they need. That saves us a lot of time. We can spend the time we save on delivering quality products and excellent customer service to our clients.

Take a look at DOFAB’s fantastic doors and windows at

DOFAB uses Brandox’s Standard Package with 10 GB of storage. This package includes a unique, branded URL and landing page so their branding is always present. All packages include unlimited users.

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