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4 tips for managing your digital brand assets

To develop a strong brand identity with your target audience, every business needs to have a clear and consistent approach to using their digital brand assets. The last thing you want to worry about when growing your business is finding all the visual assets that define your brand.

With these 4 tips we’ll go through how to manage your assets so you’re in control of them instead of the other way around.

What are digital assets?

The definition of ‘digital assets’ can be quite broad but generally the term refers to the virtual elements associated with your company and brand image. These include the various versions of your logo, your business’s graphic profile, and the images and video that you use in your communications.

As a business grows, it’s common for its associated digital brand assets to grow as well. That growth calls for an easy approach to managing these assets, which can seem intimidating at first.

1. Decide on a consistent structure for your files

This is one of the most important aspects of managing your digital assets. Without a conscious approach to this, it will become harder and harder to track your files especially when you are in a rush to find them.

It’s best to have a basic structure from the beginning, but it’s never too late to spend time to create one. Start by deciding what general categories should the assets be divided into, then determine the subcategories underneath those categories.

2. Separate files meant for internal and external use

This is a simple yet often ignored step, do not mix files meant for external communications with the files you use for internal use. This separation should be clear as soon as your team goes into whatever platform you use to store your assets.

Having files mixed together increases the risk that they will be incorrectly used. This risk grows as your team grows and newer people may not be as familiar with the proper brand guidelines.

3. Schedule regular asset reviews and update files

As time goes on, things change. Perhaps you rebrand your business or you decide certain images and videos no longer fit your brand. These decisions are completely normal and are a natural opportunity to review and update your files.

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Such reviews should happen regularly even without major brand changes. Setting a schedule for reviewing all your brand files keeps your team on the same page. It also ensures that the files you have are used properly in line with your brand guidelines.

4. Manage who has access to your files

Having control over who can access your brand files reduces the risk they will be used incorrectly. Setting rules for who has access and the circumstances for granting or removing that access means you have more direct control over how your brand is portrayed.

Basic access levels are: those with full access (aka administrators), those who can edit or remove files, and those who can only view files.


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