Image of Brandox goes to Berlin!

Brandox goes to Berlin!

Help us say a hearty Willkommen to Germany’s capital city, Berlin! Berlin is the latest city where marketers have chosen to use Brandox’s easy brand portal.

Berlin, Germany’s capital of cool

What pops into your mind when you think of Berlin? For some it’s the famous Döner kebab stands scattered throughout the city. For others, perhaps it’s JFK’s famous (and infamous) Ich bin ein Berliner speech. For others still, it may be the images of the fall of the Berlin Wall, signifying the end of the Soviet Union.

Everyone has their own image of Berlin, but what few question is the city’s profound influence on modern European culture. From Berlin White beers, to stunning architecture, a thriving music scene, both classical and otherwise, it’s clear that Berlin is “the capital of cool”.

Brandox’s brand portal in Berlin

We’re excited to add Berlin to our user map today. Not only is it a favorite weekend trip destination for our fellow Swedes, but it’s home to some amazing innovations.

It’s pretty exciting stuff to help companies in one of Europe’s tech hubs streamline their workflow as they build and expand their brand. Welcome to the Brandox user family, Berlin!

Test out Brandox’s brand portal with a 14-day free trial. Add your city to our growing user map.


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