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4 ways to use brand asset management while rebranding

Successful rebranding campaigns rely on having clear control over the development and roll-out of new branding material and guidelines. Structured brand asset management helps any company achieve these goals as it begins a new chapter in its development.

Here are 4 ways brand asset management helps to build successful rebranding campaigns.

1. A source of truth for internal and external partners

Everyone needs to be on the same page when it comes to changes in branding and direction. That means everyone needs to know exactly where to go for all the updated brand documents.

Brand asset management organizes new branding materials in one place where your team, external agency partners, and distributors can access relevant files. A well-structured brand asset system provides the source of truth that ensures new branding is communicated quickly and effectively to everyone across the organization.

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2. Eliminate usage of non-compliant brand material

Help your team establish consistency when using the new branding material. Brand asset management helps them to stay in sync with the brand, which in turn means they communicate a cohesive brand identity to your target audience.

Instead of using old versions of logos and material they have saved in their personal files for customer-facing materials, they can make the quick switch over to the new documents. In other words “place them here so everyone can share.”

3. Safe and structured access to brand materials for relevant teams

Often it’s the graphic or art department that has access to brand assets. This usually results in frustration for other teams (e.g. marketing and social media) who need the assets to create new materials. This creates a domino effect for the communication of a new brand identity.

The delays in communication between departments opens up the possibility of people using non-compliant material just to get the job done. Instead of a chaotic brand image that confuses your target audience, brand asset management keeps files organized and easily accessible for everyone who needs them.

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4. A point of reference for media contacts

A well-organized brand asset management system with a clear split between files for internal versus external use, means you have one central location to point your external contacts when your rebrand is live. This simplifies corporate communication and public relations work.

Instead of correcting media coverage after the fact, you have the opportunity to get ahead of the curve and tell your media contacts, “hey, we’ve rebranded and here’s the link to everything you need to cover us from now on.” They’ll appreciate you taking the time to keep them in the loop.


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