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5 underrated reasons to love brand asset management

Obviously, we’re huge fans of brand asset management. We are a company dedicated to it after all.

There are dozens of reasons to get on board the brand asset management train, but this time we are going to focus on 5 underrated reasons to love brand asset management and the benefits it offers.

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1. No more “where is the file?” emails from coworkers

First, some quick facts about emails.

There are over 4.6 billion email accounts in existence. Those accounts send almost 300 billion emails every single day.

The average office worker gets 121 emails daily and sends 40 in return. Which means we’re drowning in emails. How many of those 121 emails in your inbox are requests for files?

Reduce the number of emails requesting the latest version of the logo or the graphic profile by hosting all your material in one easily accessible location.

Brand asset management is the easiest way for everyone, including external partners, to access the files they need, without constantly asking for them.

It’s a win-win for everyone, including your poor inbox.

And another wonderful side effect of having a centralized location for your files? The satisfaction of sending a simple URL when those (greatly reduced) requests do come in.

Instead of stopping whatever you’re doing to hunt down those files yourself, send a quick reply. Maybe something like, “here’s the link! download everything from here.”

Time is money and your time is better spent getting things done instead of digging through the server (again) to find the latest version of everything.

3. One less thing to feel stressed about

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Hold on to your hats because we’re jumping into statistics again.

Recent studies reveal up to 80% of marketers and PR professionals feel overloaded and understaffed. That statistic caused Cubicle Ninjas to ask a slightly worrying question— is marketing is the most stressful profession?

We aren’t stress experts, but we are marketing experts and know that stress comes from the pressure to produce results within a reasonable time frame.

How can anyone produce results when spending valuable work time looking for and sending the same files over and over again? The answer is you can’t!

Brand asset management checks “file management” off the list of things to stress about for every marketer and communicator.

4. The right system plugs perfectly into your workflow

A lot of marketing revolves around finding the right fit for your brand. The right pitch, the right audience, the right product at the right time…you know the usual buzzwords.

Something we don’t talk about as often is what needs to happen behind-the-scenes to make that all happen. Finding the right product helps you become even more efficient and productive.

There is no need to second guess if you’ve got the right materials to do your job. Instead you can focus on what you actually need to get done and experience the process moving along smoothly.

5. A definitive end to “is this the latest version?” questions

Yes. This really is the latest version because it was right there in our brand asset management portal.


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