Image of Everything you need to know about Unsplash

Everything you need to know about Unsplash

We’ve already talked about Pexels, a website that provides high-quality photos and videos for anyone to use. Now we’re focusing on Unsplash, another big favorite of ours for high quality stock image site.

What is Unsplash?

Unsplash is a community of photographers who provide their high-resolution photos to the world for free. The website hosts over 850,000 photos, each one curated by the Pexels team to make sure only the best are released each day.

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Those who sign up for the community can also curate photo collections to showcase their favorite images. The site also features collections from well-known corporate names like Apple and InVision.

How does Unsplash work?

Think of it as Google for pictures. It’s as simple as typing a keyword into the search bar and hitting ‘Enter’. Within milliseconds you’ll have anywhere from hundreds to tens of thousands of curated images to choose from.

Scroll through the images that come up or refine your search with the suggestions along the top of the search results page. Thanks to these suggested search topics, Unsplash makes it easy to find the right image even using a very general search term.

Image of suggested search keywords in Unsplash

Hover over an image and click the icon in the bottom-right corner of the image to begin downloading it immediately. You can also click on the image to get more information about it. Clicking the image also shows you related images that are from the same location or are visually similar.

Bonus feature: Trending searches

One cool feature to note is the trending searches shortcut just below the search bar on the homepage. Each day the homepage highlights popular searches during the last 24 hours.

We’re not sure what was going on this day, but clearly trending searches are a mix of different things.

Yes! All the images on the site are gifted to the public by the community of photographers. It’s totally legal to use any of the images for marketing or creative purposes.

You can choose to give credit to the photographer, which is always a nice thing to do. Unsplash offers the information for photography credit when an image has been downloaded.

Does Unsplash offer video?

At this point Unsplash does not host stock videos. If you’re looking for high quality videos, then we suggest heading over to Pexels.


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