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Why we created a brand asset management portal

Brandox is created by marketers, for marketers. But we’re taking a moment to reflect on how Brandox came to be and why we believe it is the perfect tool for busy marketing and communication teams.

The hunt for traditional digital asset management alternatives

Our background is developing communication strategies and marketing materials for clients. In more than 10 years of experience, we spent way too much time digging through disorganized Dropbox and Google Drive folders looking for a single file. When we did find what we needed, it was often a low quality copy of the original.

When clients had brand asset systems in place, they tended to be difficult to use. To make things worse, they spent a lot of money for this software that was ineffective for their needs.

The more research we did, the more we realized traditional DAM systems are not made for the needs of marketing and communication teams.

What makes Brandox different from the rest

Brandox directly addresses the issues we discovered during our work. Instead of relying on systems that were expensive, confusing, and required specialized knowledge, we decided to offer a platform that was reasonably priced, intuitive and easy.

Mission #1 was to cut out the feature bloat so common in other systems, making them confusing to navigate. We started by focusing on features are actually necessary to organize and share brand files; the primary goal of brand asset management.

In the beginning we focused on developing a clean, visually organized interface, drag & drop for uploading and reorganizing files, built-in file sharing without size restrictions while offering unlimited users for all accounts.

Since launching, we’ve incorporated valuable feedback from our users to develop Brandox 2.0. That’s because our users are the most important factor we consider. Every feature and update is based on

Brand asset management for all

Brandox is a brand asset management portal that is accessible and affordable for teams of all sizes. Curious about what we’ve built? Test out our demo page for yourself or contact us at [email protected].


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