How can I get started with referrals?

Do you know someone who would enjoy Brandox? Now you get free extra storage for referring them to Brandox.

Brandox’s referral program allows you to use your unique referral link to invite new users to the platform. Every time someone signs up for a paid account after clicking your referral link, you will both receive free additional storage in your subscriptions.

Brandox referrals page overview

How the referral program works

Go to”Referral program” in your subscription. This is where you will find your unique link. You can copy the link or share it through the share buttons provided.

You will also see an overview of your referrals, including how much storage you have earned through all your referrals.

In the Referral History area of the page, you will see how many people have signed up through your link. Referrals who signed up but have not selected a paid plan are displayed as Pending. Referrals that have selected a paid plan are displayed as Approved. You will only receive storage for Approved referrals.

Quick FAQ

How much storage will I get?

Exactly how much storage you receive depends on the plan you currently have: 1 GB for Standard, 3 GB for Pro, and 10 GB for Enterprise.

Can I share the storage I earn across different accounts?

Earned storage is tied to your specific subscription just like your regular storage. You cannot transfer the additional storage to a different subscription. Additionally, our team cannot move the earned storage once it has been assigned to a subscription.

If you have multiple subscriptions attached to your user account, please double-check that you are sending referrals from the subscription you want the extra storage to be given to.

Do my contacts have to sign up immediately for a paid account?

No, they don’t. They can go through the free trial to get to know Brandox before choosing to pay for a subscription.

Once they have signed up for a trial, they can return to select a paid plan at any time even after their trial ends. This means you can still earn extra storage if someone selects a paid plan months after their trial.

Why can’t I see my referrals’ details in the overview?

We take user privacy very seriously. Because your account can be shared among multiple admin users, we do not display user information for the people you have referred.