How can I customize the brand page URL?

Set your desired URL when you first set up a new brand page. You cannot change the URL on your own once it is set.

If you want to change your URL, please contact our support team at [email protected].

All brand pages follow the format


Custom domain/CNAME

(Pro/Enterprise only)

Since 2022 we offer a CNAME functionality for our Pro/Enterprise customers. To set up a custom domain for your brand page:

  1. Go to Your Brand Pages from the top dropdown menu
  2. Find the brand page you want to set up a custom domain to and go to Page settings
  3. Scroll down to CNAME/White label settings
    Cname/white label settings from the Brandox admin UI
  4. Update the CNAME value for the sub domain from your DNS settings.
    (Here is what that can look like from Cloudflare:)
    Setting CNAME DNS value from Cloudflare
  5. Insert the subdomain you have added the CNAME value for and click Save.
  6. You might need to wait a couple of minutes before these changes kick in, but after a while your brand page should be accessible from your own domain.