Different user types in Brandox

This is an overview of the types of users and permission levels available in Brandox.

SuperAdmin: SuperAdmin users have complete control over a brand page including billing and user management. They can also make changes to the brand page and subscription settings.

Editor: Users with this level of access can make changes to existing files and add new ones. They do not have access to the admin area, including subscription and brand page settings.

Viewer: These users can see and download files hosted on a page but they cannot upload new files or make any changes to those files.

SuperAdmins are the only users that can change the permission levels for other users.

Note: Please contact your page’s SuperAdmin to change your permission level. Brandox’s support team cannot change your level without permission from one of the admins on your team.

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Should you need more help or assistance with your Brandox account, please contact us directly at [email protected]. We’ll answer you as soon as possible.